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 If you've not heard of Lean Enterprise or Lean Manufacturing, it is the never ending pursuit to identify waste within your work processes and eliminate or reduce it with the goal of providing the highest value to your customers. Not just a set of process improvement tools, it is a mindset that process improvement can always be made and that the best ideas often come from the people that work in the processes. 

 It's easy to get lost in the muddle of information about Lean and the glut of "lean consultants".  That said, we at KPC think we do a pretty good job in helping our clients implement Lean and Lean Six Sigma. Our consultants have been-there-and-done-that, so we know what good looks like and we know what not-so-good looks like and how to avoid it.

Through our evidence-based approach our goal is to help you to develop the skills and experience needed to get excellent results while building a culture capable of sustaining them. Our value add is in the coaching and training we provide to facilitate culture change while developing our clients' internal competencies. We are not interested in providing armies of consultants to lead improvements and have our clients fully dependent on us. Instead, we build our clients' capability by creating daily management and kaizen systems that will self-sustain.

We consistently improve our clients' top and bottom lines. Starting with your most valuable resource—your people—we develop them into a passionate, self-perpetuating force of Lean.

We adhere with principle #1 of the Toyota Way: "Base your decisions on a long-term philosophy, even at the expense of short-term financial goals.”  Other consultants may focus on their "billable day"  and may end up with more revenue from their clients by seeking short-term gains, but our clients repeatedly sustain their improvement and don't backslide the moment our assignment is over. If you are looking to run a few kaizen events please call the other guys. 

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