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 There are many ways to finish the sentence, “Leadership is….” With just a little research you’ll find that there almost as many different definitions of leadership as there are people who have tried to define it. And though each of us intuitively know what we mean by the word, it can, and often does, have different meaning for different people. The two things we can say for sure about leadership is that we can see the effects on organizations when leaders are not effective, we also know great leadership can be learned. 

Define It

 Despite all the ways organizations define leadership, we at KPC have identified five central themes to leadership:

  1. Leadership is a process
  2. Leadership involves influence
  3. Leadership occurs in groups
  4. Leadership involves common goals
  5. Leadership must be appropriate for the organizational level in which it operates

Leadership then, is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal using approaches appropriate to the operational environment. 

 The relationship between an employee and her or his leader is the most important single factor in employee engagement. In the U.S., it is estimated that 77% of employees are not happy with their jobs. The number-one reason people leave organizations is that they are being mistreated by their leader. Those who remain working for poor leaders have lower job and life satisfaction, lower commitment, and higher levels of conflict at work. Leadership development is one of the most important investments an organization will make. It’s hard to imagine any activity in an organization that is not affected by the quality of leadership.​
​At KPC we have designed our Key Leadership™ program to help organizations improve their capability across the leadership spectrum.

Too many of the development initiatives we come across rest on the assumption that one size fits all and that the same group of skills or style of leadership is appropriate regardless of strategy, operating environment, and organizational culture. That is simply not true.

We believe that when an organization identifies the leadership capabilities essential for success in its business—such as high-quality decision making or stronger coaching skills—it achieves far better outcomes. These capabilities are dependent on the leader’s role and operational focus. 

Critical Compentences

 By working closely with our clients, we help them identify the critical few leadership competencies needed at each level of leadership and operational focus. And we help them create and deliver a customized, experiential development program that measurably changes leaders’ behavior and mindsets. We do so while sticking to four basic principles: 

  1. A leader’s self-knowledge is key to meaningful and sustained change.
  2. Leadership development tends to happen at the leader/follower interface.
  3. Leaders must be committed to life-time learning.
  4. Everything a leader does happens in the context organizational goals.

 We find our approach helps take the guess work out of leadership development and helps our clients avoid the most common mistakes in leadership development. We increase the odds of success by matching leadership skills to the work at hand; embedding leadership development in real work; fearlessly investigating the mindsets that underpin behavior; and monitoring the impact to sustain behavior changes over time.

 Developing your leaders is probably the most important thing you can do for your organization. Let us help you unlock your leaders' potential.

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